Tara Grinstead Case

Case Solved Feburary 23, 2017

Dr Godwin's Blog on Tara's Case

Dr Godwin's Facebook on Tara's Case

To interview Dr Godwin email him here or call (910) 670-2450

 Dr. Godwin has worked officially on Tara's case from March 2006  to Present. Dr. Godwin is the only outside expert, who was hired by Tara’s family, to work on the case.

 Dr Godwin at Tara Grinstead Conference in Atlanta 2 weeks before the arrest


CBS 46 Atlanta interviews Dr Godwin about Tara's Case

 What others are saying about Dr Godwin and Tara's case


Watch Dr. Godwin's interview on Greta Investigative (2015) about Tara's case

Watch here

How the Up and Vanished podcast cracked a 2005 cold case (Entertainment Weekly, March 2017)

News on the Tara Grinstead Case

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