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Dr. Godwin's Research on Serial Killers

 Myths and Facts




There are few black serial killers

16% of serial killers are black

Most are married

17% were married

Most are unemployed

51% were employed

Most have a high school education

44% were high school graduates

Most have previous criminal convictions of sex offenses

45% had sexual related convictions

Most have no juvenile record

55% had a criminal juvenile record

Most keep trophies of some sort

24% retained trophies

Most keep a diary of their crimes

7% kept a diary

Most insert themselves in the investigation

3% inserted themselves in the investigation

Most have military service

27% had military service

Most have an emotional set-back prior to the murders

12% suffered an emotional set-back

Most use aliases

6% used aliases

Most stalk their victims

12% stalked their victims

Most use a crime kit

31% used a crime kit

Most pose their victims/stage their crime scenes

8% posed their victims and/or staged their crime scenes

Based on 107 American serial killers who murdered 728 victims

Source: Hunting Serial Predators (2008) Dr. M. Godwin

Inductive/Deductive Decision-making in profiling

Weaknesses in Computerized Linking Data Bases

How to avoid becoming a victim



Dr. Godwin being interviewed on CNN about the DC Sniper Case


 Co-authored with Sue Wiltz Slavemaster is about Serial Killer John Robinson - Dr. Godwin was a consultant in this case. Click on image to purchase.