Murder Case of Glinda Pulley and her 10 Year Old Son Tyler Jones

 Warrenton, North Carolina 2005








Dr. Godwin has been a consultant on this case since 2010. The deaths were ruled by the NC SBI as a murder/suicide; the 10 year old boy allegedly shot his mother then himself with a 410 shotgun. Within hours after the bodies were discovered Warren County Sheriff Johnny Williams turned the investigation over to the NC SBI. Hours later SBI Agent Glen Tart ruled the deaths as a murder/suicide. Immediately after the deaths were ruled as a murder/suicide the media reported the same information locking the SBI into that decision, which to date they refuse to change. The medical examiner also ruled the manner of death in Tyler Jones as suicide; however, her decision was entirely based on false information provided to her by the SBI Agent - which was provided to the agent at the scene by Glinda Pulley's boyfriend who happened to have two life insurance policies on Ms. Pulley totaling $750,000.

Dr. Godwin's analysis of this case indicates that there could be significant clues which point to a double murder. Still, the local DA in Granville County, NC, the Warren County Sheriff's Office and the SBI refuse to turn over all the documents or reopen the case. Dr. Godwin has also found possible forensic evidence from the crime scene suggesting that this was a double murder. That evidence was supposed to have been submitted by Warren County Sheriff's Lt Detective Branche to the SBI crime lab over six months ago. However, there has been no response back to the family or Dr. Godwin about the evidence sent to the SBI.

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