Morgan Harrington Geographical Profile

Profile deveploped by Dr. Godwin January 2010

Original Profile Before Body was found


Geo-Profile after Morgan's Body was found

Morgan's body was found in Anchorage Farm: a driveway off 29 South, known there as Monacan Trail



Body location inrelationship to predicted area

Known addresses of Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr

2480 Ponderosa TRL, Charlottesville, VA 22903

1516 Rosa Terrace Charlottesville, VA

870 Black Cat Road, Keswick, VA

Rt 7 Box 297 Charlottesville, VA


A look back at the Morgan Harrington case

Parents: 'This person might be involved' in Morgan Harrington's murder

The mystery of Morgan Harrington and the FOUR other women who've vanished along Route 29 in just five years

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