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“When you have eliminated the impossible; whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes. This iconic inspector may have paved the way for some remarkable detective stories in history; but in the modern era, what is it really like to be an expert sleuth in the dark night of a city that knows how to keep its secrets?

Infamous serial Killer Ted Bundy once said that he didn’t know what made people be friends, he didn’t feel guilty for anything and felt sorry for people who felt guilt. Psychopath killers are callous, exploitive individuals with blunted emotions and an inability to feel guilt or remorse. We can make an educated guess in assuming that this may be the unfortunate result of a detrimental upbringing; but is there a way that we could limit or even prevent the havoc caused by such villains?

Meet Dr. Maurice Godwin of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Dr. Godwin specializes in investigative, psychoanalysis crime scene analysis, missing persons and the geographic profiling of abductors and serial murderers. Dr. Godwin’s multivariate approach to profiling violent behavior and a keen eye to detail has enabled him to accurately profile and help authorities zero in the locations of some infamous serial murderers around America. What does Dr. Godwin carry in his investigative repertoire that makes him such a sui generis crime scene psychologist?

Welcome to MAPPING EVIL!

MAPPING EVIL is a thrilling one hour long, investigative documentary series focused on the most wicked psychopaths around America, based on actual events.

Each week on ‘MAPPING EVIL’, we follow the anomalous, extraordinary investigative skills of Dr. Maurice Godwin as he tackles a variety of cases that require his distinct set of skills which inevitably make him a crime scene aficionado. As each episode of ‘MAPPING EVIL’ progresses, we are thrown into a volatile cauldron that give us a detailed view into the anatomy of evil. The D.C sniper team and Baton Rouge Killer wreaked havoc across the nation in their own villainous way; how did Dr. Godwin accurately profile the two serial murderers that helped authorities zero in onto their locations, which ultimately led to their arrest? In 2006 Michelle Bullard goes missing from her Sanford home; based on his research, can Dr. Godwin create a geographical map that can find her or her remains? In 2017, a mother of two is found hanging on a mailbox by her own two shoe laces; can Dr. Godwin use his quintessential set of skills to unlock yet another baffling case?

If you are addicted to crime novels and relish psychological thrillers, then this journey of discoveries will blow you away. Uncover the fascinating world of crime scene psychology as one man tries to echo the work of gumshoe extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes and deliver justice where others dare not tread.



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