Missing Person - Jennifer Kesse

Geographical Profile

The new geographical profile was developed on July 3, 2009 at the request of CUE missing person center using new information in the Jennifer Kesse missing person case. The new information had to do with the suspect James Hathaway who is believed to be responsible for the abductions of Tracy Ocasio, Chris George, and possibly Jennifer Kesse. Below is the new geographical profile and predicted hit anchor areas.

Map 1 depicts the hit anchor point one near the lake around Conroy and Windermere Roads. The original predicted area was pulled in this direction due to the home base location of suspect Hathaway, which is depicted in Map 2.

Map 1

Map 2  below depicts the predicted hit anchor point two area, which is driven by the location of the suspect James Hathaway's home base and where two victims' vehicles were discovered.

Map 2


Original Geographical Profile Developed in 2006

The below geographical profile was developed with the limited spatial information from the Kesse case. The probability map (red color), showing the wedge shape, is the police search area. The entire red area is the predicted area, but focus should be within the triangle area.


Map 1


Developed by Predator Geographical Profiling System

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Developed by Predator Geographical Profiling System




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