Kelli Bordeaux Case

The recent Investigative Discovery ID show Swamp Murders reenactment of Kelli Bordeaux's case was poorly done and contained misinformation. The show was a disgrace to this case and should have been called Swamp Trash.

 Kelli's body was found May 14th, 2014 in a woody area off River Road about 5 miles from the bar she went missing from. Nick Holbert has been arrested. After 16 months Nick Holbert pleaded guilty and was sentencecd to life without parole.

Our search team was denied access to the land area near where Kelli Bordeaux was found about 1 1/2 years before Kelli's reamins were found (see map below Red dot). Another search team, not affiliated with Dr. Godwin's group, was denied access to the exact dirt path off River Road where Kelli remains were found .


The private investigator contacted a Fayetteville Observer journalist in October 2013 seeking Dr. Godwin's contact information. He indicated that he was interested in starting to work on this case.

Dr. Godwin and the private investigator interviewed Nick. The interview was recorded. Dr. Godwin felt uncomfortable continuing to interview Nick Holbert for several reasons such as the tactics being used to gain the confidence of the suspect. Dr. Godwin felt it would be counter-productive for two people who had previously interviewed him together to interview Nick separately. Out of professional courtesy, Dr. Godwin backed off. This was strictly Dr. Godwin's decision.

Dr. Godwin and the PI were the only two to interview Nick for almost a year after he was released from prison.

To become familar with my previous successful profiling work, link to the sites below:

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In fact, Dr. Maurice Godwin, a national forensic profiler, criminal profiler, provided out of his own goodness a grid that proved to be 100 percent accurate as to where my daughter's whereabouts would be, but apparently was ignored by investigators.

CNN - Karen Riojas,  Mother of Michelle Bullard

“It takes a hell of a man to risk your professional reputation by attempting to apply a science in a manner which has never been tried before. Hopefully, you will be able to refine it even more and this will become a standard tool in missing person cases in the future. It’s amazing to have come within a mile of Dru Sjodin’s body considering the absolutely vast area of 3,000 square miles, the scarcity of data, and using the Predator system in a previously untried way. Success can only be achieved if you are willing to actually try, and some are ‘more’ willing than others.”

Robert  Heales

Investigators remember the search for Kelli Bordeaux



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