The murder of Michelle Young and the Jason Young Trial

My position on this case has nothing to do with guilt or innocence but rather: Did the quality of the investigation warrant a guilty verdict? No!  As long as jurors continue convicting individuals based on sloppy crime scene investigative work, then cases will continue to be overturned on appeals and corruption exposed like recently happened with the NC SBI. Convictions in cases with shoddy crime scene investigative work only reinforces to police that they are doing a great job.

Dr. Maurice Godwin was a consultant for Jason's family from November 2006 until 2009. Dr. Godwin spent 3 weeks processing the Young crime scene and collected roughly 75 bags of evidence that was either missed or ignored by Wake County Sheriff's Detectives and City/County Bureau of Identification (CCBI). It has proven in the past with criminal investigations including this case that a second look at a crime scene produces clues which were originally missed. If this were not true then there would not be an entire field devoted to crime scene reconstruction or experts to reassess a crime scene. Dr. Godwin could clearly tell any artifacts which were produced by the initial investigators. But the fact is in this particular case a lot of physical evidence was missed and/or left behind that should have not been. For example, CCBI and detectives missed semen on the master bed sheet. Dr. Godwin found it. Although it turned out to be the defendant's nonetheless the evidence was missed - what if it had been another's males? Anyone who thinks missing forensic evidence like semen at a crime scene is not a major blunder knows nothing about criminal investigations. However, the defense relied on a strategy in both trials of not addressing theses crime scene issues opting to point out that after investigators spent 14 days working the scene they didn't find any evidence directly linking Jason to the murder. Obviously this strategy did not work. Dr. Godwin continuely pointed out to Young's defense team that they should take the "poor crime scene" investigation strategy; however, my suggestions were ignored. Dr. Godwin repeatedly informed several of Jason's family members that the defense lawyers were wrong in their stragtey, but that too was ignored. As it turned out, now, one of Jayson Young's last hope of getting his case overturned again is the incompent lawyers' argument.

NC Supreme Court denies Jason Young new trial



 Defense opening statements in the first trial of Jason Young in 2011. Dr. Godwin's crime scene work was referenced.


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