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Sample of Exert Areas

Expert Areas

Brief Explanation

Behavioral reconstructive analysis of crime scenes

The use evidence, facts, and behavioral clues to determine sequence of events

Equivocal case analysis

The analysis and synthesis of case facts and evidence to find ambiguities and/or doubt associated with such information in order to determine the level of evidentiary value


The examination of a victim’s background and social connections for possible links to their victimization

Linking crimes

To determine if two or more crimes were committed by one person by looking at similarities and dissimilarities in crime scene behavior



"Members of law enforcement, forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, and criminologists who consult on serial murder investigations, and attorneys who will retain or cross examine profiling experts, all need to be familiar with Dr. Godwin's very important book: Hunting Serial Predators."

--The Journal of Psychiatry & Law