Eastburn Murders 1985

Fayetteville, North Carolina


Dr. Godwin was a consultant for the Timothy Hennis defense team from February 2008 until April 2010. Mr. Hennis was tried three times for the Eastburn murders.

News Interviews (WTVD TV) 1985 Eastburn Murders

Note that the neighbor of Katie Eastburn said that all the window latches were unlocked in the house, and they were which is how the sheriff's deputy gain entry to the house.



 Table 1: The number of slashes or cuts in pillows, bedding, and clothing of the victims

Table 2: The number of stab wounds to each victim

Table 3: The number of slashes to each victim

Analysis by Dr. Maurice Godwin

Evidence and Number

Number of Cuts/Slashes

Size of Cuts/Slashes (inches)

Pillow # 5



Pillow # 6



Pillow # 7


1 ½   ¾, ¾, ½

Blanket - Kara’s Room #8


5= ¾, 1=7/8, 1=1/4  

Table 1

Kara Shirt - #16

9 cuts to front left panel

¼ to 1/1/2

Erin Gown #15

9 cuts to front

½ to 7/8

Erin Gown #15

12 cuts to back

11=3/4,  1=1/2

Kathryn Blouse #14


1 3/16

Kathryn Bra



Kathryn Panties



Blue comforter #18


2=7/8, 2=3/4


Total # of Cuts = 51



Number of Stab Wounds

Size and Depth

Kathryn Eastburn

15 to chest area

1” wide and penetrating 3/1/2 to 4”

Table 2

Kara Eastburn

8 to chest area – Double edge on some wounds

1” wide and penetrating 3/1/2 to 4”

Erin Eastburn

5 to chest 5 to back

(Length) 3=7/8,  3=1”, 2=3/4, 1=1 ¼, 1= 1 ¾

(Width) 7=1/4, 3=1/2

(Depth) 1=1/2, 3=1 ½, 1-2, 1=3, 2=3 ½, 2=4”


Total # of Stabs = 33



Number of Slashes

Size and Depth

Table 3

Kathryn Eastburn

3 or 4 incised injuries to the neck – jagged edge

Exact depth unknown – severed trachea and carotid arteries

Kara Eastburn

1 incised wound to neck

(Length)= 4 1/4, (Width)= 2 ½, (Depth) = ¾

Erin Eastburn

1 incised wound to neck - jagged edge

(Length)= 9 ½ , (Depth) to Vertebral column, Trachea is cut


Total # of Slashes = 6


Total # of Cuts = 51

Total # of Stabs = 33 

Total # of Slashes to bodies = 6

*Total # of Stabs, cuts, slashes not to the bodies = 12

*These likely occurred while the clothing and/or pillow cases were pushed up or were on top of each other.


1.      Failed to keep a log entry book for those who entered and exited the crime scene to sign

2.      Investigator Trogdon failed to wear gloves while dusting for prints on the front storm door

3.      Failed to cast an impression of the tennis shoe print found behind the house near the air condition unit

4.      Failed to take photos of the exterior of the home from all sides

5.      Failed to collect a cigarette butt lying next to the strip of cloth found across from the home

6.      Failed to collect clothing hanging on the closet door in the master bedroom

7.      Failed to vacuumed floors in a timely manner after the murders

8.      Failed to collect (cut out) floor title with bloody shoe impression to preserve as evidence

9.      Failed to collect (cut out) carpet with bloody shoe impression to preserve as evidence

10.  Failed to safely secure and retain dresser draws from the master bedroom for evidence

11.  Failed to secure and retain contents from Kathryn Eastburn’s purse found in the living room

12.  Failed to follow-up on another man who came by the Eastburn home on May 3rd to see the dog

13.  Failed to follow-up on Eastburn’s JC Penny and gas credit cards to see if they had been used

14.  Failed to type blood found in various locations in the house

15.  Failed to collect and retain candy jar from dresser draw in master bedroom for examination purposes. Jar had key to missing metal box and some coins in it

16.  Failed to collect and retain dresser draw at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. This draw was where the money was stolen from an envelope

17.  Failed to take scaled crime scene photographs throughout the house

18.  Failed to make a proper and timely crime scene sketch – supposedly investigators lost the originals crime scene sketch – finally made a non scaled sketch was made a year later but back dated the sketch to make it appear as though it was drawn the day after the murders

19.  Failed to properly document and photograph a bloody brush pattern on the wall in the hallway

20.  Failed to collect orange throw pillows from living room

21.  Investigators failed to wear proper shoe protection while working the crime scene

22.  Failed to use evidence number markers, to show directionality of the bloody shoe tracks leading down the driveway from the carport door

23.  Missed a blood spatter above the master bedroom door in the hallway

24.  Failed to dust for prints on widow frame and seal in children’s bedroom – first bedroom on left – window was partly opened

25.  Failed to collect white substance on carpet between Erin Eastburn’s legs

26.  No crime scene photos showing clean-up of blood on sink in master bath

27.  Failed to photograph hair found stuck on sliding glass patio door in den

28.  Failed to collect glad trash bag box

29.  Failed to properly document and photograph bloody shoe tracks in the hallway leading away from the master bedroom

30.  Failed to properly document and photograph left bloody shoe tracks leading to master bedroom

31.  Failed to use evidence number markers, to show directionality of the bloody shoe tracks going towards the master bedroom and leading away from the master bedroom into the den/kitchen area

32.  Failed to collect several blue bath towels in master bathroom

33.  Failed to photograph partial shoe impressions in front of dresser at foot of bed and around bed

34.  Failed to photograph door knobs with blood on same

35.  Failed to photograph blood droplets and spatter on wall in hallway

36.  Failed to collect or examine bottom of Kathryn Eastburn’s tennis shoes for evidence

37.  Failed to properly document or photograph bloody shoe tracks on front porch

38.  Failed to properly document or photograph all fingerprints before lifting them from the surfaces

39.  Failed to properly document or photograph all palm prints before lifting them from the surfaces

40.  Failed to properly document or photograph all hairs before collecting them. Excluded are hairs retrieved through tapings

41.  Failed to process the stereo unit, which was found on when deputies first entered the Eastburn house

42.  Failed to document or photograph paper tissue in small trash can located in master bedroom

43.  Failed to originally find or collect condom wrapper located under the master bed

44.  Failed to collect glass vase which was lying in front of master bathroom door on the floor.

45.   Failed to process the crime scene before collecting evidence

46.  Mislabeled pillow from the master bedroom as coming from child’s bedroom – first bedroom on left

47.  Failed to collect the dust ruffle from the master bed – the skirting had blood on it

48.  Failed to photograph white piece of clothing laying next to Kathryn Eastburn’s body

49.  Failed to photograph tip of latex glove in location where it was originally found – living room

50.  Failed to collect the mattress cover from master bed

51.  Failed to photograph bath towels lying in the master bedroom prior to collecting same

52.  SBI claimed to have conducted ninhydrine examination of the interior hall walls and latent fingerprints were found and photographed. However, no photos of the fingerprints have been reviewed by this examiner

53.  Kathryn Eastburn’s master card credit card was stolen along with her wallet. Investigators failed to check to see if her credit cards such as VISA and JC Penny had been used after the murders.

54.  Failed to document or collect pubic hairs from Kathryn Eastburn which were matted with whitish creamy fluid

55.  Failed to arrest the real killers


Discovered by this examiner and never before revealed is a phone conversation that Kathryn Eastburn had on Saturday May 4, 1985 with her husband Captain Gary Eastburn. Because Captain Eastburn was out of town on army training he and Kathryn had agreed to talk on the phone every Saturday. During a routine interview with Detective Jack Watts Captain Eastburn mentioned that when he spoke to Kathryn on May 4 she mentioned that a guy came by the house to inquire about the dog Dixie. According to Captain Eastburn the guy said that the dog was too big and he didn’t have a fenced in yard. No name was provided of the individual who inquired about the dog but it does establish that a male subject did visit the Eastburn’s residence three days before Mrs. Angela Hennis initially made her phone inquiry about buying the Eastburn's dog.

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