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 Dr.Godwin on location in South Georgia with Peter Van Sant  (48 Hours Show)

 Welcome to Godwin Trial & Forensic Consultancy, Inc.

Welcome to Dr. Maurice Godwin's consultancy web site. One of my main objectives when consulting is finding evidence that others missed. Please browse the site and if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

  • Extensive background in teaching criminal justice, criminology, and criminal investigation courses

  • Extensive experience in analyzing discovery case files

  • Extensive experience in analyzing crime scenes

  • Author of numerous books and academic journal articles on the psychology of criminal conduct, psychological profiling and serial killers

  • Law enforcement and criminal investigative experience

  • Qualified in court as an expert witness

  • Meticulously organized and detailed focused; excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Published the first and still the only thorough empirical examination of serial killers to date.

What others are saying about Godwin Consultancy

Dr. Godwin’s assistance was instrumental in our successful opposition to the use of the FBI’s VICAP analysis results in the matter of State v. Fortin, a capital murder prosecution.

Michael Priarone, Defense Attorney in Steven Fortin case, Rockaway, NJ

In fact, Dr. Maurice Godwin, a national forensic profiler, criminal profiler, provided out of his own goodness a grid that proved to be 100 percent accurate as to where my daughter's whereabouts would be, but apparently was ignored by investigators.

CNN - Karen Riojas,  Mother of Michelle Bullard

“It takes a hell of a man to risk your professional reputation by attempting to apply a science in a manner which has never been tried before. Hopefully, you will be able to refine it even more and this will become a standard tool in missing person cases in the future. It’s amazing to have come within a mile of Dru Sjodin’s body considering the absolutely vast area of 3,000 square miles, the scarcity of data, and using the Predator system in a previously untried way. Success can only be achieved if you are willing to actually try, and some are ‘more’ willing than others.”

Robert  Heales

Private Investigator

R.A. Heales & Associates

"Geographic Profiling is an invaluable tool.The professional investigator need to look no further than Dr. Maurice Godwin.”

Warren J. Sonne

New York City Det. (Retired)

Letter from former two term Governor of North Carolina Jim Hunt to Dr. Godwin about his work on the John Williams, Jr. serial murder case in Raleigh, NC. Click on image below to read letter.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

                                                       - Arthur Schopenaue




Dr. Maurice Godwin
Criminal Investigative Psychologist and Forensic Scientist

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Dr. Godwin being interviewed on MSNBC about the Baton Rouge serial murders