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Name: Deborah Ann Wolfe
Case: Unsolved Murder
Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Date: Dec. 1985

Contact E-mail: Dr. Maurice Godwin

30 Years Later, Murder of nurse found in rural Fayetteville, NC pond still shrouded in mystery (Read the story here)

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Dr. Godwin has found new information in this case which hopefully will move the case forward.

The series of photos below were taken by Dr. Godwin in 2010 of the cabin where Debbie Wolfe lived and where this crime occurred. This location is off 401 N (Ramsey Street) but in Cumberland County, NC.

Photo Descriptions (Left to Right) Although it is overgrown now with trees and brush this was the road that you would travel on to the cabin from the main road. The last photo is a general overview of the cabin from what would have been the front yard back then.

Debbie Wolfe Cabin (Photos taken 2010) © Maurice Godwin

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