Accurate Psycho-Geographical Profile-DC Sniper

Note: The red triangle represents the most recent shooting on Tuesday Oct. 22 in Aspen Hill, MD.

Geographical Profile produced by Dr. Maurice Godwin

"One person who is apparently always ready to offer up detailed 'profiles' of cases, Brent Turvey, told the Washington Times that the killer was so exact in the attacks that he was unlikely to contact police or give away any evidence that would help investigators. But in the end, the snipers were located because they could not resist bragging about their involvement in an earlier Alabama robbery/shooting, providing the clues that eventually led to their arrest. So it was a good job the police ignored Turvey's confident  advice" (Canter, D, 2004 - Mapping Murder p. 5).

Limited Psychological and Complete Geographical Profile - Post Arrest

I repeatedly stated on national TV, Radio, and Newspaper Interviews the following:

The killers have a 'Tim McVeigh" type mentality - no doubt that John Williams does. All the other so called profilers were saying that the individual had a 'triggering' event such as a divorce or break-up with a girl friend as the reason for the killings, but from what we know now this is not the case.

That there is a Virginia connection to these killings, that the home base would be in Northern, VA area down towards the point of the wedge. The offenders did not a have permanent home base anywhere, however, DNA has linked the offenders to living in a motel in the Richmond, VA area. Also, John Williams last known address in the region was in Clinton, MD (his second ex-wife's home), which is located in the wedge close to Friendly, MD close to one of my predicted target areas - Waldorf, MD.

I actually predicted that the main anchor point was slightly north of Dale City, VA, which is about 9 miles from Clinton, Maryland.

The forensic show that was recently shown Court TV which highlighted Kim Rossmo and his geographical profile in the I-95 sniper shootings was very misleading. Kim Rossmo predicted that the killers would live in the northern DC suburb area, which was wrong and further away than my predicted home area. The show hinted at the fact that since the killers slept in their car some nights in Rossmo's predicted area, then Rossmo must have been correct. Wrong! Also, the show stated that Kim Rossmo's said that they killer's 'confront zone' was around Dale City, VA and Clinton, MD since Williams' second ex-wife lived there. Confront zone is defined as an area around the offender's home where no crimes have been committed. However, we now know that before the snipers started their killing spree, they had actually shot a restaurant owner 8 times in his car in Clinton, MD (the confront zone) and stolen the man's laptop computer. The snipers also had a GPS handheld unit.

That there will be two offenders I said - which was true

Geographical Profile Before Arrest

This geographical profile was produced by the Predator geographical profiling system developed by Dr. Godwin. The wedge shaped pattern is not subjectively drawn but rather is drawn by the computer program. The analysis found a distinct wedge shaped pattern to the sniper killings. Based on my analysis of 54 American serial killers' spatial behavior this wedge shaped pattern suggests that the most likely home base area for the killer is located within the wedge and probably the home base and/or a work area has a directional bias towards Northern Virginia. 

In regard to the shooting in Falls Church, VA you will notice that this location is located directly in the middle of the wedge.

As I had predicted, the shooting in Ashland, VA is rural and in Northern, Virginia. I am the first and only individual to predict that the sniper would move south along I-95, which I first stated on Oct. 5th on several local and national radio shows and then on CNN Oct. 7th. During that interview on Oct. 7th I predicted, based on my analysis of serial killers, that Fredericksburg, VA would likely be the next target area, which it was on Oct. 11th. I have repeated this over and over on National TV.

Anyone making the claim about the killer moving south after Oct. 5, 2002 is only repeating what I originally stated and the claims by several individuals that they had first predicted that the killer would go south is totally inaccurate.


The two circled areas are likely target locations at some point in the future.


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