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About GT&FC

What GTFC Does

Godwin Trial & Forensic Consultancy (GTFC) has been in business for 20 years. GTFC is a multidisciplinary company. Services range from helping defense attorneys detect analytical fallacies made by crime scene investigators to trial litigation consultant. Dr. Godwin also can assist attorneys in developing trial strategies, which will diminish the testimony of the opposition’s profiling or crime scene expert.

Deductive assumptions are made everyday at crime scenes. Often investigators make presumptions of guilt about a suspect, which thereafter guides the way he/she investigates a case. Godwin Forensic Consultancy can conduct a detailed examination of the crime scene and case files to look for any mental errors and assumptions made by investigators. A myopic view by police often leads to evidence being overlooked and ignored, which could exonerate a defendant.

About Dr. Godwin

Dr. Godwin offers diverse criminal investigative, forensic science and trial consultant services. His research and experience in areas of criminal behavior, applied forensics and criminal investigations distinctly sets him apart from the vast number of consultants who rely on intuitive based opinions. Some have referred to him as a crime scene psychologist. He is the author of numerous books and academic articles on profiling, serial murder, and crime scene investigations. He is a certified board member of United States Association of Professional Investigators (USAPI). He has qualifed in court as an expert in criminal investigations, crime scene reconstruction and statistics.

His past expert testimony has yielded positive results. In the death penalty case of NJ vs. Steve Fortin his testimony for the defense on the unreliability of the FBI’s VICAP program stopped former FBI Agent Mark Safarik's testimony on VICAP from being introduced as evidence. Dr. Godwin’s geographical profile in the Dru Sjodin abduction/murder case in North Dakota assisted searchers in locating her body.

Highlight of Services

Dr. Godwin is experienced at examining thousand of pages of discovery looking for salient facts and information which might appear meaningless but in fact may have a positive impact on a defense case. He has developed over the years a unique ability to find mental errors, overlooked evidence and biased assumptions made by police investigators and prosecutors in complex criminal cases. In cases what was thought to have major implications for the State’s case was reduced to meaningless fact/information and in many instances actually helped the defense. Using his eduction, experience and keen eye for detail, Dr. Godwin can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.