Michelle Bullard's body has been found - Oct. 18, 2006

Missing from Lee County, NC - Body Found Just Outside of Fayetteville, NC


In fact, Dr. Maurice Godwin, a national forensic profiler, criminal profiler, provided out of his own goodness a grid that proved to be 100 percent accurate as to where my daughter's whereabouts would be, but apparently was ignored by investigators.

CNN - Karen Riojas,  Mother of Michelle Bullard


I developed a geographical profile in the Bullard case and gave it to the searchers in person when they were searching in the Cedar Creek area located just outside of Fayetteville, NC. They ignored my geographical profile and later started searching in Harnett County while all along I was insisting that they search in my predicted area.

If the individual head of the searches had followed my profile, then Michelle Bullard would have been found a lot sooner. Michelle's body was found one year later less than 50 yards from my predicted anchor point.


Original Geographical Profile Map 1

                     Map 1


Original Geographical Profile with location of body Map 2

            Map 2


Developed by Predator Geographical Profiling System


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