Caylee Anthony Geographical Profile

Geographical Profile

Caylee Anthony Case

Profile Developed 9/6/08

The following geographical profile was developed by Dr. Maurice Godwin using his Predator computerized system. Map 1 below depicts the search area (anchor point area) showing the Predator computer results and map overlay of the predicted area. Map 2 depicts a more specific search area highlighted by the light yellow circle. The profile shows a high probability that Caylee will be found within a 1.5 mile radius (North, South, East and West) from South Goldenrod Road.

The locations used in the analysis were:
grandparents' home
location of where car was found
buffer area for cell phone pings at the air port

The purpose of geographical profiling in missing persons' cases is to help focus the search to a narrow area/location. Clearly, in the Anthony case this profile did exactly that. However, the area where she was found was in no way searched to the extent that other locations were searched such as the parks, lake and airport areas. Rather than spending a lot of time searching in areas such as these day after day if searchers had focused their attention in this profile's predicted area it is highly likely that little Caylee would have been found much sooner. Although high water due to Hurricane Fay may have prevented searches in this area after Aug. 20 there were no later searches in the area once the water receded until the body was found.



Original Maps Below

Map 1


Map 2


Developed by Predator Geographical Profiling System


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