AM Serial Rapist - Phoenix, AZ

David Wilson, Jr. 2005

Dr. Godwin's Accurate Geographical Profile


Police say the "A.M. Rapist," named because he attacked in the early-morning hours, was one of the most prolific rapists in recent memory, assaulting women from Ahwatukee to north Phoenix.

Dr. Godwin's geographical profile was made available to law enforcement and has been available via his web site since 2005.


Predicted Anchor Point in relation to Rapist's Home Base



AM Rapist Geographical Profile

Developed by Dr. Godwin's Predator System - August 2005

PHOENIX — A serial rapist has attacked nearly a dozen women in the city, targeting those who live alone and tracking their movements before breaking into apartments in the middle of the night.

The colors represent probability areas; the darker then color (red) the higher the probability. However, within the red there varying percentages of probabilities, so the yellow circle represents the highest probability area - hence the predicted anchor point.
The wedge shown on the map represents the police search area. There's a high probability that the rapist lives within the wedge and a higher probability that he lives in or near the yellow circle.

The anchor point represented by the yellow circle 1/4 mile wide is in the Cactus area. The anchor point can be his home, parents' home, work, or girlfriend's house. 




Developed by Predator Geographical Profiling System

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